You won't survive next Monday without this.

Next week won’t be just another Monday. It will be, yes, Blue Monday.
A depressing day triggered by resolutions that didn’t work out, bad weather, an empty bank account and some 'extra' around your waist area thanks to the past holiday festivities.
Who came up with this day and why would we let ourselves get overruled by this negativity?

The guy responsible for giving all this misery a name is Dr Cliff Arnall. (Thanks man) He came up with the following formula:

So we have the following factors: the weather, debt level (o boy, always a hard one checking the accounts in January), amount of days since Christmas, time since failing the resolutions, the low motivational level and then lastly your urge to take charge of this situation. Let the math do the talking...

It was conceived by Dr. Cliff Arnall for a PR company but has become an yearly event now. Did you know that he is actually a real life happiness consultant? Quite ironic don’t you think? He did however admit that it was never his intention to create negative vibes.

No worries babes. We’re gonna help you get through this week, the so called; 'Cheer You Up Week'! Everyday you'll find a happy post with trips and tricks.
Last but not least, a special surprise for you on the famous Blue Monday itself.

For now, dream about your favourite destination, turn on your happy playlist (Happy Hits on Spotify, it's a thing) and keep your head up high! See you tomorrow.


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