The Rub Scrub is a 100% natural coffeescrub. Which means it is a full body scrub with it's principal ingredient being coffee. 

What's in it?
There is a lot more to it than just coffee and natural ingredients. 
Let us tell you about the process behing your package of coffeescrub:

1. We work together with a fairchain coffee brand. We use the beans that get grinded too fine or too rough. Normally, this coffee get's thrown out. We love that we are able to give it a new life. 

2. The coffee gets taken into our factory. They test it and check the certification. 

3. All our other all natural ingredients get added to the coffee ground base.

4. The content gets taken to our social workplace. They package our coffeescrub with love and care. 

5. You order your skin loving goodness and it gets delivered to your door.