SCOOP a piece
SCOOP a piece

SCOOP a piece

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'The Scoop'
People use them for their scrub, people use them for their Instagram feed. Either way they're the perfect eye-catcher. Never have one seen such beauty in a spoon. Designed to help you get to the bottom of it (your body scrub that is) and to be on camera. 

What you'll be dealing with:
One gorgeous tortoise scoop. Brown&black. No spoon is the same in pattern but they're all exceptionally pretty. They're 12,5 cm in height (5,11").

How to use:
Almost out of coffee scrub? But your body needs more? Quenched Skin? Matte legs? Rough cheeks? Face that needs some shining up? Pick up your scoop and take out the little bit of coffee scrub that is left. Great for reaching those corners. Save your skin and order a new batch. You'll be back to glowing and dewiness in no time. [ DISCLAIMER: perfect for stirring your regular coffee as well. ]

Why 'The Scoop'?
Because just look at them. 

100% plastic

Our products are dishwasher safe. They can be cleaned in a gentle program (up to 50 degrees)

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